Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Antique lakshmi devi Vaddanam design

This Vaddanam design is most traditional and gives Antique feel.Most of the Indian women like to wear Lakshmi devi (Godess lakshmi) jewelry designs because Maa lakshmi means riches and wealth. This typical indian style vaddanam is traditional and gives good feel. Around the vaddanam there are studded stones you can spend any amount of money on them if you are rich enough then try diamonds and emaralds. If want to fallow budget any stones looks perfect on this model. 

Flower Vadddanam Design

This is the one of the nice Vaddanam design for adult and babies. Mostly, This design is Idle for baby and adults can wear it as Vaddanam or Neaklance depends on their wish. This artistic design is Idle for all sorts of Indian functions and parties. Benefit of this design is you dont need to spend more and more gold on it because of it's simplicity you can get it done lesser than other designs.

Nearly 100 Grams of gold needed.

Gold waist belt/ Vaddanam Add ons

Here under you can have a look at different designs of vaddam parts like - Middle design, side designs etc., So I call them as Vaddanam add ons.

Vaddanam middle design looks antique and trendy.

 Vaddanam small center design.

Vaddanam center design along with side supporters 

Simple and cool peacock design 

Artistic Maa lakshmi design both side elephants

Lakshmi devi Vaddanam middle design

Elephant for 
vaddanam sides

Clear  and nice Center gold waist belt design 

Chain model Vaddanam - Very nice!

Here is another beautiful model of chain type Gold waist belt(Vaddanam). Thia looks amazing and very beautiful on any kind of saree. Perfect for all kinds of functions, festivals and temple visits. The Vaddanam is studded with ruby's back side of the vaddam has a chain and hook. The same model can be Idle for both children and adults.
You need to spend 200-250 grams of gold on adult Vaddanam where as on baby Waist belt it requires 100-150 Grams.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Chain type Baby Vaddanam

Here is another cool model of baby vaddanam. This vaddanam is chain type. May be you can use as multipurpose. Your baby can wear it as a vaddanam or else you can wear it as a neck chain (necklace). This chain type vaddanam is about 23 inch length. studded with emeralds, ruby's.

Another video of the same Vaddanam

Full view of Vaddanam

Simple Baby Vaddanam design

Simple and nice baby vaddanam design. This design is easy to wear and remove because babies dont have patience to stand long time to wear jewels. just use the thread and easy to decorate your baby. The design shown in the below picture is 10 inch long and underneath of the design there are mango's. Nearly 70-100 grams gold needed for this design depends upon your design requirements such as length and strangeness etc., 

Perfect vaddanam center designs

Here you can find some of the Vaddanam center designs. you can pick your choice here and consult your gold smith and ask him to make the same design on center of vaddanam.

Lakshmi with both side peacocks.

Another lakshmi devi vaddanam studded design

Studded emeralds, ruby's design Idle for temples and marriage parties

Nice and elegant design for all Indian festivals and parties

Peacock design perfect for both adult and babies

Nice peacock design